Be Cautious of Text Scams

The morning of Sunday, November 12th a text scam message was sent out asking North Logan County residents to verify a transaction by clicking a link. 


The quick response of our team and customers limited the loss during the recent text scam. The scammer, while imitating FNBP, prompted recipients of the message to click on a link and requested online banking credentials.


Please note that this latest scam was not the result of a breach of your personal data with our bank. There were non FNBP|CNB customers who were also targeted.


Spoofing scams such as this are common. The scammer will mirror a bank’s site and solicit online banking credentials. Once entered onto the fake site, the scammer has successfully captured the necessary information to access your personal accounts.


Cybercrimes are at an all-time high. This most recent text scam serves as a reminder that we will never text you asking you to click on a link via a text message. Protect your information by only using your GoFNBP mobile banking app or access online banking information from your personal desktop using the verified link for our bank.