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Mobile Banking

Bank anywhere / anytime with the First National Bank at Paris GoFirst App for iPhone and Android. It’s an easy, convenient and a free* way to manage your First National Bank at Paris accounts without a trip to the bank or access to a personal computer.


Mobile Banking puts your finances in the palm of your hand. With GoFirst  you can check your balance, pay bills, transfer money, view transaction  history and find the nearest First National Bank at Paris ATM or branch. It’s fast, secure, and free for all First National Bank at Paris OnLine banking





Access to account information with a smart phone

  • Any account deposit or loan
  • View transactions
  • Get account balances
  • Pay bills
  • Make transfers between FNB/CNB accounts




To access your accounts with GoFirst:

  1. Logon to your First National Bank at Paris, OnLine banking account
  2. Go to the “Options” tab, Mobile Settings, Web Mobile Settings or Text Mobile Settings
  3. Check the “Enable web access for your mobile device”
  4. Enter your mobile phone information and select the accounts you

wish to access from GoFirst.

  1. Search for GoFirst from iTunes or Google Play, Download and start




No Smart Phone No Problem


Just text BAL to 89549 to get your

account balance



BAL Account name = Single

account balance

Hist = All recent account history

Help = Commands

Stop = Cancel


*First National Bank at Paris does not charge any fees to download or use the iPhone or Android

App. Please contact your wireless service provider regarding usage charges.






GoFirst - First National Bank at Paris Android app on Google Play