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Credit Cards


Get convenience and competitive rates with First National Bank at Paris MasterCard or Visa. Itís a great way to build your credit and keep all of your finances in one place.


Gift Cards


Make gift giving simple with a gift card. Mailing cash isnít really an option, but a check just doesnít seem special or festive. A gift card can be the perfect solution. The recipient doesnít have to even go to the bank and cash it. They can use it just like a credit card as soon as they receive it.

The Visa Gift Card can be used over 11 million locations worldwide, wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. There is an initial fee of $3.50 for the card. Following 12 consecutive months of inactivity, a monthly fee of $4.95 will be applied to any remaining  balance. Funds do not expire.


Travel Cards

Travel with confidence knowing that your personal credit and debit cards are safely at home. Travel cards are the modern day version of  travelerís checks. They are convenient and widely accepted.